Why do some men abuse their step children?

Despite the huge rewards that are expected to be achieved in raising a child, especially the underprivileged or orphaned, you find the adolescent slipping away as if he had been given a pet.

In the past, it was thought that only women abused their husband’s children, but in some cases men even abused their daughters.

Marry his mother, perhaps the only condition for her marriage is that you keep her child, perhaps because she is an orphan and has lost her adoptive family or father.

We have often heard of adoptive parents abusing their children, and you see an orphaned servant of God turn a blind eye to him, that is, a sign that I am going to kill you, or that he goes about his business unharmed.

Some say that the child does not live permanently, only goes on holiday with his mother, but at the same time, someone who refuses to open his eyes to see the child.

So why do men have this tendency to reject the ego for the sake of God?

Hajia Asma’u Sani is one of the women who have found themselves in such a predicament that they are abusing their children just for the sake of it, and in this week’s program she tells us about her own situation.

And while some commentators say that it is better not to fly, you should weigh it carefully before taking your baby to another house, in order to avoid things that could upset you or cause trouble in your life. .

If you are in a difficult situation, Hajiya Asma’u advises you what to do.

The son is common, the slave is the master, if you know you want his mother between you and God, then I think as long as you have the character, you can keep him too.

It does not mean that you have to love him as your own child, nor does it mean that you have to reconcile him with your children, but it is also commendable that you show compassion and justice to him.

No one knows tomorrow but God, you do not even know if one day your child will wake up in another house, you will see if you do well, or after your death your descendants will also see well.

And if you know you can not handle it, do not deceive your mother into marrying her. Just leave her alone and he will marry her.

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