Why are they fighting against of Nigeria DCP Abba Kyari?

When the problem of armed robbery worsened in Lagos State, during the warlord DCP Abba Kyari as the Deputy Commander of the SARS in Lagos State, a new Lagos State Commissioner of Police reorganized the SARS force, giving Abba Kyari the lead. Within 6 months, a high-profile armed robber in Lagos was arrested by Abba Kyari and sent to a non-returning town.

His efforts did not go unnoticed by the Lagos State Governor and then-President Jonathan. The kidnappers are being held hostage because of a new security crisis in the country, at which time Abba Kyari was sent to Israel by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). In the fight against kidnappers and terrorists, he completed the course and regained his composure.

The then IGP Chief of Police recruited Abba Kyari from Lagos State and formed a new force under his IGP office. The Intelligence Response Team (IRT) to tackle the scourge of kidnappings in Nigeria, especially in the North. Abba Kyari was ambushed and killed more than 17 times in Nigeria. Abba Kyari has been ambushed more than 17 times.

Why do they say he is working with demons? The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a mosque, a market and a car park. It was not immediately clear what had happened.

Abba Kyari arrives in Maiduguri at around noon with Boko Haram militants Boko Haram suicide bombers are the main reason why suicide bombings are banned in Nigeria Not to be forgotten, Nigerian warlord DCP Abba Kyari is the mastermind behind the Boko Haram insurgency.

The kidnappers of the Chibok girls, a hostage that has shaken the world to the point of UN intervention, the military and all Nigerian security forces were unable to apprehend the abductors, but Abba Kyari was arrested.

Inyamurai youths campaign for Biafran state, launching attacks on security forces, raiding police stations and barracks, disarming, and breaking into prisons.

I rescued their people, drove the nomadic Fulani and Hausa in their area, their aim was to cause trouble and bring Nigeria to its knees, the warlord was ordered to start challenging them, he set up an IRT camp at the Biafran Center in Owerri, Imo State The Biafran warlords who were sent to Israel were trained in warfare, sponsored by the United States, the United States opened a Biafran bank account in their country, and the United Kingdom gave them asylum to operate their Biafran radio station.

In the middle of the day, Abba Kyari started hunting down the Biyafara militia, lying to them, and many of them did not bring him to Abuja because he knew they would escape.

Abba Kyari’s biggest crime in Nigeria that is currently being fought, and their leader Namdi Kanu has written before his arrest in Kenya Twitter says they have to make sure Abba Kyari leaves the police force in shame and humiliation, the message is still on his page Abba Kyari fights carjackings Abba Kyari fights cybercriminals Abba Kyari fights cannibals Abba Kyari fights Biafrans Abba Kyari fights extremists in Nigeria He fought against those who are shaking the Nigerian government, which has the support and protection of the United States, Israel and the United Kingdom, and he is safe.

God forbid, no one has ever climbed on the same path as Abba Kyari in Nigeria, some have even been killed by treason.

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