What the Nigerians should know about DCP Abba Kyari’s allegations

The people you will see in the video are cocaine traffickers from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to Nigeria. Their names are as follows:

(1) Emeka Alphonsus Ezenwame dan age 45.

(2) Chibunna Patrick Umeibe, 29.

Emeka and Chibunna picked up cocaine from Ethiopia, landed at the Akanu Ibiam International Airport in Enugu Nigeria, were checked by NDLEA officials at the airport and left with the cocaine and arrested, for cocaine in their hands talking about what happened, it all happened after the warlord of Nigeria DCP Abba Kyari was suspended, the warlord did not know him, he had nothing to do with them let alone drug dealing.

According to the NDLEA, Abida brought King Yaki into the fray as he came to help pay for his INFORMANT after the IRT transferred the case to at the NDLEA to expand its investigation, a video showing DCP Abba Kyari giving the NDLEA officer non-bribe money, money to pay his INFORMANT rights, the informer is still alive, and the money is also on loan Abba Kyari was involved in an altercation with an NDLEA officer who was filmed in the video, and was later charged with felony criminal mischief in connection with the assassination of DCP Abba Kyari and Informant.

He has never taken them lightly, in every country in the world the security forces have their own INFORMANT system and they are paid, even President Muhammadu Buhari has introduced the WHISTLE BLOWER system on how to pay large sums of money to anyone INFORMER Reveals Corruption and Promises to Keep Secrets She was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit drug trafficking at the Akanu Ibiam International Airport in Enugu.

The police have this video confessional statement of these cocaine dealers, who are working shoulder to shoulder with the NDLEA officers in Enugu. from Ethiopia they are being photographed being sent to NDLEA officers at the Akanu Ibiam International Airport Enugu, where they arrive.

A large portion of the cocaine money Or these cocaine dealers who are collaborating with the NDLEA treacherous Nigeria, in order to cover up their betrayal of Nigeria and then the men orchestrated it, and gathered and beat up the Chief of the Civil War video, keep up the good work works with bad drug traffickers ??? For God’s sake NDLEA hurry to take DCP Abba Kyari to court for justice and freedom where there is no secrecy.

A spokesperson for the National Police Service Commission (PSC), Mr Ikechukwu Ani, has issued a statement on the investigation into DCP Abba Kyari and other issues related to other police activities.

Nigerian warlord DCP Abba Kyari has been acquitted of all charges, and the Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, SAN, has reviewed the investigation to prove that DCP Abba Kyari did not commit any crime to be taken to court.

The PSC has extended the police force by two weeks to complete its investigation into DCP Abba Kyari by forming a new commission, so Abba Kyari is on the verge of returning to fight the Kidnappers with God’s help.

Sahara Reporters, Premium Times, People’s Gazette, Legit, BBC, VOA and others were unable to broadcast the PSC because it was not an insult to the King of War, among them a betrayal of public trust.

A few of the allegations against him have been handed down a long time ago, but history has not succeeded. Why should they delay? Under Nigerian law, even if DCP Abba Kyari is found guilty, it is not a criminal offense No, it is a crime under the Police Act and Regulations to be punished, but at least not found guilty.

He wrote a book on Abba Kyari’s success, and described the meeting of the Nigerian traitors who conspired to assassinate Abba Kyari, and explained how Nigeria’s security was betrayed and ways to solve the problem. olin security nigeria, the book will be published soon we will let you know.

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