They cannot approve to divided Nigeria

First of all, any country that has an alliance with the illegal state of Israel, France and the United States must see strife, tragedy and violence in its own country.

Nigeria is a British colony, but the relationship between Nigeria and the United States, Israel and France is greater than that of the United Kingdom, so it will be seen as unfair in Nigeria.

The Jews of the world and the victors will never allow the partition of Nigeria, for the strong reasons that I, Datti Assalafiy, have:

1. The North is dominated by Muslims, and Islam is being pursued strictly, if the country is divided they know that Islamic Sharia will be practiced in the North, disbelief will be reversed, Jews have nothing worse in the world than today The next morning he saw a Muslim holding his religion, so they did not want Nigeria to be divided

2. Democracy, which I, Datti Assalafiy, interpret as a new dictatorship of oppression, lies and deceit and a new colonial rule over the poor, so the world of Democracy does not like the partition of Nigeria, because the majority of the people in the North will reject the pagan system and embrace their religion, the division of Nigeria is a major setback for the democratic system.

3. The wealth of the Igbo people in Northern Nigeria, they know that if the country is divided they will lose, whatever they accumulate will be plundered by the “Northern Islamic Republic” as they came back, so The Igbo community is counting on this, making it difficult for them to support the partition

4. Igbos teach Northerners adultery, alcoholism, fraud and deceit, Igbos teach Northerners Kidnapping and armed robbery, Igbos bring prostitution to the North, as Sheikh Sani Yahya Jingir preaches in Jos before delivering last Friday sermon, Igbos first open house of prostitutes in the North, the major crimes of ash-sha Igbo brought to the North, that is Igbo like other hunting dogs the Jews who are doing their job on Islam and Muslims in the North, so they will not allow the Igbo to withdraw from the North

5. If Nigeria is disintegrated every part of the country will be affected, the North will recover quickly with God’s help and the blessings of Islam, and that Inyamurai and Yoruba areas will be in a state of power, which will lead to new strife and ethnic strife. and partisanship as we have seen in South Sudan for 10 years after the partition of Sudan, observers from southern Nigeria will not accept the partition.

6. Nothing prevents the North from achieving peace and development like this Democracy Constitution, if you remember the lesson that the late Malam Albaniy Zaria taught on Democracy you will realize that one of the major disadvantages of this Constitution is that it causes instability. and a threat to national security, the Jews of the world will not support the demise of Democracy in the North, because they do not love us and peace

So people who are thinking of partitioning Nigeria now should change their mind. like a military coup to form a new government.

If prayers are not persistent and President Buhari’s government does not take immediate action then one of the two things I said above will happen, that is, whether the Buhari government is overthrown or the military overthrows him to ensure national security, people Remember my previous post titled.

They destroyed sars and others destroyed Buhari government

If His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari wants to address this issue, and wants to remain in office by 2023, he should immediately implement the following recommendations of 24blog:

1. Avoid the use of force to quell ENDSARS protests in any form

2. Investigate the identity of the sponsors of the protests and disrupt their access to subsidies.

3. Perform internet service for 1 month to prevent the transmission of confidential messages through social media

4. The Buhari administration immediately agreed with the university teachers to call off the strike and return to the schools without delay.

5. Sorry to return the fuel subsidy, then lower the price for the convenience of the people, then slowly withdraw it in a clever way.

6. Promptly introduce a way to provide employment to young people as soon as possible without delay

7. Open all borders with Nigeria, allow food and imports into Nigeria to reduce the cost of living

8. The Buhari government has urgently mobilized bloggers and newspaper companies, paid them to raise awareness among the Nigerian people and suppressed any provocative news.

9. Come out and apologize to Nigerians, especially the leaders of the protesters.

10. Implement the 24-hour state of emergency and stay at home, then gradually withdraw.

If President Buhari’s government takes these steps and prayers are offered, then everything will be fine Insha Allah, otherwise as soon as the ENDSARS protesters who claim to be peaceful have completed 30 days, then the parliament The United Nations will intervene and support them as long as they do not take up arms.

You Northerners, Muslims, do not think that we are too big, that the number of Northerners does not benefit us at all, that the Southerners are more important than us.

We ask God to relieve us of all adversity, to untie the knots of the enemies of peace in Nigeria, and to give us a better solution in our country Nigeria.

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