The Story of the King of Thieves First Steal

They are in a pickup truck used by thieves to kidnap people in a European movie. Many people in it are talking about how the theft should be handled but Sebastian’s attention is focused on what it looks like. This is because of the fact that he is not used to stealing. This is the first step he must take. He was the first person to enter the bank and then he regained his composure and said that he would be arrested and told that he would not be arrested.

They did not do it because they had planned everything and then went out to steal. “Nathalie Emmanuel” came in with the intention of depositing money in the bank. She has an account in the bank and they go to the place where the deposit will be opened. All they had to do was open the door for Sebastian and he would come out to where the money was and he would go to the door and touch it. This door is so he does it Asked what he was doing, he said he was planning to do it. They opened the car and shouted at him. He got back in the car and said, it’s okay.

He looked at his body and saw the money and shouted again after the robbery. The police are looking for them and they have been looking for them for a long time and the hijackers have been reported to have checked their cameras. The bank saw these two faces that he will never forget because they once shot him in the back which is why I went astray. The police and the gang of thieves He then went on to investigate why they were going to commit another theft but where did they go to steal it and his investigation showed him they were going to another bank.

Theft and of course they will do it because the policeman is an expert in his job but the thieves are more experienced and come out to steal. It was as if they did not know that he was investigating. He was behind the bank trying to get them to come to him. The way they designed it to the door where the money was going to “Sebastian” cooked this door with his own hands saying read the security plan carefully then He started trying to open the door and the three door handles that would allow him to open the second door went back inside. One is left and if he does not do it right the door will never open and he will keep trying to open it until he gets it.

The success of one of the two hands that went through the door came back to haunt him so much so that the other one also came back here just in time. Finally, a plan was drawn up and the king of power came out and put a face like that of a thief and went into the bank. Giving them more time to go in and start shooting at workers but not killing them is a similar injection into a sleeping pill He said everyone was lying in the bank and the news reached the uncle that the policeman was not there and they were nearby. The robbery involved six speeding aides.

They hijacked a car and got in. Trying to use the other hand to open the door immediately and do the same with the other door open they took the money and left The bank is on its way. But “Sebastian” ran after the six cars “Nathalie Emmanuel” and the king had earlier told her to reach out and get in the car. “Sebastian,” he said, reaching out his hand. “Sebastian,” he said, falling to the top of the street, falling to the police. He was riding his bicycle when he was approached by a police officer, but he did not stop until he saw another train. Bishi fled and threw his bicycle, which he managed to escape. He barely managed to get on the plane after escaping. “Nathalie Emmanuel” disappears and asks the king why he sent Sebastian “because I don’t need him.” She said she was going to stop and get off. She said she would not stop and she would jump. She went on to say that she could not follow the unbelievers because they could not carry out this heinous act without the help of Nathalie Emmanuel. She is safe and needs to be abducted after Sebastian returns home exhausted and opens the door to the bathroom but they are already there. When he returned, they went into his house and sat down.

He did not notice them, he just went to the bathroom and they decided what to say to him The apologist came out of the bathroom and said he was sorry for the voice of two women but he was afraid he would run there and he noticed Who was the first to ask him why they came to his house and came back to him when they did not need him and told him that they had returned because They ended up committing this heinous crime and he said he would not go. The big door told him to be patient with her. He felt that way and went downstairs in silence for a while. Achieving this goal now will be what the new plan is since the plan must now be changed to three and she tells him how the system works. It’s not a change and they are ready and the policeman is there waiting for them because now he is sure the bank they are going to and the right one. When they arrived, he was sitting in the control room of the bank. Before he arrived, they had already stolen what they were going to steal. He asked the bank manager what time the item would be delivered and she told him it was two o’clock and he was there until five o’clock. It is alleged that the bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a police station.

Realizing this report is not true this policeman is screaming as if he is going to beat up this bank manager because it is all her fault. “Sebastian” was there trying to answer the question, “Nathalie Emmanuel” in the driveway. She kissed him and “Sebastian” was in the back of the car trying to open the door but it was difficult because he needed He calmed down before opening the door but let the noise of driving stop and told her “Nathalie Emmanuel” to slow down because he got Ability to open door set speed extension. This is where we stop to meet you in the next section.

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