The minister of communication deserves praise from Nigerians

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has released its second quarter report for the year 2021. The Ministry of Communications and Economic Development, under the leadership of Prime Minister Dr Isa Ali Pantamami, has accounted for 17 percent of Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the second quarter of 2020, according to the Ministry of Communications. 14% in the Ministry of Communications, 20% in the year 2021, 7.42 percent less than in the year 2020 and 9.25 percent, respectively. In the year 2021, the oil sector has seen a 1.83 percent drop in oil revenues in the Nigerian government coffers.

Communication under the leadership of the Minister of Education, Dr. Isa Ali Pantami has surpassed the national oil sector in bringing in a significant share of the revenue of the Government of Nigeria, a development in the Ministry of Communications for the first time in the history of Nigeria. His Excellency Prime Minister Isa Ali Pantami was pleased with the report of the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) and commended the Ministry of Communications for its efforts in emphasizing the full support of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Communication at a time when global oil prices have plummeted as a result of the Covid epidemic – 19 What I want the public to understand more especially our people in the North is that Nigeria can stand on its own two feet even without oil, so any Northerners stop worrying about Southerners boasting about us The need for social media, social networking and the Internet is the only source of income for the Nigerian government.

The Minister of Communications, the issue of pornographic and sexually explicit websites that are harassing Nigerians, why not impose heavy taxes on pornographic sites? For example, if Nigeria says it will shut down its pornographic website, the United States and its allies will criticize Nigeria for imposing sanctions on Nigeria for violating its liberty, so come up with a plan, instead of shutting down the site and imposing heavy taxes on pornographic sites, so that in 5 seconds anyone who visits a pornographic website in Nigeria will be charged N1000? North Korea has been at the forefront of Internet pornography for years, with authorities imposing heavy taxes on pornographic Web sites.

Last year, Nigeria was ranked as one of the top 10 countries in the world for viewing pornography. We hope that God will increase the number of honest and trustworthy leaders and ministers such as Malam. Isa Ali Pantamami Minister today, Senator tomorrow, Governor tomorrow and President privileged.

America Know Isah Ali Pantami more than any countries

Sheikh Dr Isa Ali Pantami is not a terrorist, and he has never supported terrorism. The terrorist organizations in the United States that you are calling for to include Mr. Isa Pantami among the terrorists are ignorant, because the United States knows him best. A mosque where a cleric can gather thousands of people preaching but there are American spies among the American people every country in the world has US citizens who have contracted to spy on them under the auspices of the CIA, even in the Boko Haram ISWAP group.

America monitors its immigration, monitors their communication channels, any software or application that is proud to deliver a message, its database is in the US, they see everything in their hands The United States is the only country I know in The world has developed a type of satellite called the Eagle Satellite which, every 9 minutes, records the events in every corner of the globe and is carried out by the CIA, in order to monitor the situation.

They have a system of security that today if they need a video or a photo of their enemy bathing naked his mother will get it, because they are far advanced in science and artificial intelligence, they once did to the former Libyan president Gaddafi follows in the footsteps of some Americans at the airport in Libya. She waited until she had achieved her goal before removing it at any time, such as ousting al-Qa’eda leader Osama bin Laden, ISIS leader Abubakar al-Baghdadi, and the leader of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards.

Qasim Sulaimani I hope all Muslims will calm down, there is no blame between Malam and the United States, because Malam did not do what the United States would accuse him of, it was only the enemies of Islam who came up with this statement to disturb the peace during the month of Ramadan. Ramadan They also allege that Isa Ali Pantami once supported the Taliban and al-Qa’idah, albeit for a short time before his support for the Taliban, al-Qa’eda in the United States and major European powers opposed to the system.

They supported the regime, especially in the war to oust the former Soviet Union from Afghanistan and the Arab world, which was also trained by the United States. strategic war strategy at the time, which lasted for 10 years between the Arab and Soviet (Russian) armies ended in 1989.

America tried to stop Buhari

The United States has suspended President Buhari. I will start by presenting this article with the slogan “Cutting and carving does not stop the growth”. Pantami is no more a surprise to me than the idiots who support this atrocity. Malam Batanci knows him, but let’s say for example today she put his name on the list of critics, that will never stop him from being the destiny of Nigeria in Nigeria.

He ran unopposed for political office with the help of God. In the early 2000s when Islamic law was established in Zamfara, when he Muhammadu Buhari did not run for office, he was asked if he supported Islamic law? In response to President Buhari’s brief remarks in the media and in the media, the enemies of Islam challenged President Buhari to the US administration during JW Bush, the United States suspended President Buhari has been in the country for almost 15 years, just because he says he supports Islamic law.

2015 to this day, this is a reminder to the Alzheimer’s who fear the United States more than the fear of Allah the Exalted. Seeking to return us as free slaves in Nigeria, given the fact that Cameroon’s Muslims are divided politically and governmentally even though they are the majority in the country, that is how they want to be returned.

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