Soldier Arrested For Armed Robbery In Yobe

Tens of thousands of soldiers have been arrested along with two others in connection with an armed robbery in Damaturu, Yobe State.

Police arrested the soldier and his robbers after they broke into the home of a woman in Sabon Pegi area at around midnight with an AK 47 rifle and other weapons.

The soldier and his accomplices were arrested after robbing the woman of a Peugeot 307, N250,000 cash and a Nokia mobile phone.

After their arrest, they told investigators they wanted to sell the car and share the money; They will be arraigned in court upon completion of the investigation, ”said Yobe State Police Spokesperson, ASP Dungus Abdulkarim.

He added that the robbers injured the woman and her 17-year-old son after tying them up with a wire.

ASP Dungus said two of the robbers were arrested in Damaturu, and the third was arrested in Darazo, Bauchi State.

He said police had successfully confiscated the robbers’ weapons and all the stolen items at the house they entered.

He explained that the recruits were serving with the 2nd Battalion under Operation Coalition operating in Damaturu, the rest were young people living in the town.

The soldier and his accomplices are currently facing charges of trespassing, armed robbery and other crimes.

According to him, the Yobe State Commissioner of Police, Haruna Garba, advised residents of the state to be vigilant in their surroundings, as well as assist the security forces with vital information to curb crime.

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