Sheikh Dr Abdullah gadan kaya and womens doctors

I have read a message from some women doctors calling on Sheikh Dr Abdallah Usman Gadon Kaya to retract his remarks about women doctors working in hospitals, otherwise they will not take action to challenge him What is Sheikh Dr Abdallah fell on the Women Doctors working in the Hospital and caused them to seek action or retaliation against him? Sheikh Dr Abdallah began his speech by saying:

“A health worker once heard me preach, he came and said,“ Mr. Wallahi, I am a health worker, I work at one of the largest hospitals in the state. He said, “I know my wife is 50 years old. She has been working as a doctor for a long time, but she is not allowed to do so.” A young graduate working at a hospital? Women are supposed to go and study medicine and relieve our anxiety, but he said that in the health care system, like other ministries, it is not right to let one’s wives go to work at night, because it is a Jewish system of work.

It is a non-ISLAMIC system, a man and a woman are to work together in the same office, nurses are all in the same position, so she works as a nightmare. already, shikenan must sleep should, and must lie down slightly, so does the man, and in the same room, if you play for the same table, chair to another chair, push the door shut, three o’clock at night no one, from she is but the devil, what is not to be done? “You are a housewife and you are rolling a mosquito and biting your wife.

The doctor went to work at the hospital overnight and slept with someone in the same room.” “Yes, bring me an answer. I was called and sat with her. She said, ‘Why don’t you come to work? Am I now committing adultery at the age of 40 to 50? I was asked what happened to Hajiya? She says I’m looking for a night job, who’s looking for you? She said, “Everyone we work with at night, then she was transferred to another hospital, and she found the job was the same as the one she left behind. Sheikh Dr Abdallah said, ‘I am doing this.

Please pass this message on to the observers and the pious who will help the Muslim community to protect the dignity of our women in hospitals. It ‘s not safe to say that at least one partner in a night job should be able to spend the night with two women without a husband. The part they are, then, is a matter of necessity, why don’t you include her sister for us, but they will not do it. not here, in our country, in our city, in our state, all of us Muslims, But in the same way that our hospitals are not able to control them? Let’s compare it to the Islamic system but it is impossible.

Note, but some are not bothered, no wonder the head of the hospital is not a Muslim, but this question ask the hospital staff to tell you, anyone who opposes this statement unless he fears God This is what Sheikh Dr Abdallah did not say. With less than a week to go, BBC Hausa interviewed some female doctors about the challenges they face, which has led to concerns about marrying female doctors. , Northern Nigeria Dr Abdallah’s statement on female doctors is true, we are 100% in agreement with her.

The word of truth

Anyone who wants to confirm the statement of Sheikh Dr Abdallah Usman Gadon Kaya on female doctors working at night should ask the city doctor, not the village doctor. What is happening in the hospital is very disturbing, anyone who is jealous will want to talk about this problem in order to get it fixed, there is no such thing as a crime to be corrected has ever been a crime anywhere in the world, it has to be talked about even if everyone is upset.

Everyone who talks about adultery or homosexuality or homosexuality or incest It is not his fault that without mentioning the name of anyone or anything, he is in a bad mood. Doing mischief during night work, there is a great temptation between a man and a woman to have sex with each other.

What will happen is why he said not to approach adultery, approaching adultery itself is a crime in the sight of God. It is a mistake to say that women should not study medicine.

Muslim women should study medicine check on her sister, a woman If it is necessary to work at night then the system should be shared with men, and CCTV cameras should be set up to spy on their movement during work.

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