How homeless pay 20 or 50 naira for accommodation in Kano

Authorities in northern Nigeria’s Kano State say they have found a home that fetches between N20 and N50 to provide for underprivileged children and beggars in the city.

Reports say the students, who include women and children, even borrow money to pay for accommodation at the house.

Kano State Representative Khalifa Shehu Dokaji, who witnessed the building, said the atmosphere of the lodge was similar to that of a football stadium.

The house, which is now closed, was raided by a commission tasked by the Kano State government with arresting homeless.

Records show that most of the children arrested in the household were not students, some had fled from their parents.

One of the children, who ran away from his parents and came to Kano last year, told him that she had to make him come to spend the night.

He said, “My mother-in-law beat me up. She did not give me food. One day I sent her to my daughter for N50, the day after she beat me with a razor blade.”

“She gives me food whenever I want, sometimes only the food that her children eat is left over, and sometimes I eat it myself,” he said.

The boy said his mother was not home and was in Jigawa State getting married, and they were in Kano, adding that if his mother and father were together there would be nothing for him to spend the night in this house.

“Obviously I don’t like the situation I find myself in, but no matter what I do, I don’t go to school. days, “according to the boy.

Shehi Bakhari Mika’il, the chairman of the board of trustees, told reporters that when they went to arrest the students, 84, 68 of them did not come to Kano for boarding school.

He said some were brought to the house by the other mother’s torment, while others were tortured until they were born there.

“We have arrested the parents of some of the children and they will be taken to court. We have called on the National Human Rights Commission to uphold their rights,” he said.

Begging among children and adults in the northern states of Nigeria has been a major problem for many years in the region.

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