Davido: The singer said his fans send him for about 175 million naira

Famous Nigerian singer Davido says his fans raised him for about 175 million naira after he asked them to raise the money for him. The singer pleaded with his fans if they believed “there was a song that made them happy to send him money, along with revealing his name and bank account. Davido published a picture of the amount of money he collected between Wednesday and Thursday amounting to about 175 million naira. tried to hear through the singer but still did not respond.

Davido – one of the rising stars of African music It has 21.9 million followers on Instagram. The singer said on Twitter that his aim was for his friends and relatives to raise N100 million to export his Rolls Royce from a Nigerian port to pay for import duty. A Twitter user says the world is crazy, how can Davido ask his fans to raise money for him? But some think it’s worth it: He deserves more than that. He has been a source of pride to many people.

We wish you a happy birthday @davido. Many have congratulated the singer on his remittances. Davido has been posting pictures of himself on Instagram in luxury cars and planes and in the midst of the cost of living. In May Davido was awarded $10,000 of his prize money for a competition he launched dancing and singing on Instagram.

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