Call for authorities to protect northern Nigeria – President Buhari

From the North West First of all we extend our heartfelt condolences to the families of those who have come from the North West who are suffering from hostage-taking, we hope God will bring a better solution.

But whoever says President Buhari has returned to Nigeria In his opinion, there is injustice and youth in this matter, or he is saying that he is a well-to-do fish who does not roam around parts of Nigeria watching what is happening, and therefore condemning Buhari’s rule and the problems of his hometown alone. We are now in the north-eastern part of Nigeria.

The Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria before Buhari came to power has spread to other northwestern states such as Kaduna and Kano, North Central Pilate State and the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja. Please have mercy on us and bring President Buhari to us.

Now the war has engulfed the entire northern states of Nigeria, and now the UN and African Union forces are invading our cities, destroying our education and raping women in the name of riot control, this is the agenda of Boko Haram.

Major Hamza Al – Mustapha confirmed that President Buhari, who is looking at the North West, has given them the posts of Chief of Army Staff, DSS Chairman and Minister of Police to do so, today if the Minister of Police says 1000 armored vehicles should be procured to the Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) and distributed on every road in Sokoto, Katsina yes, Zamfara, Kebbi and Kaduna are 24hours patrol, no gunman is enough to come out of the desert and kidnap someone let alone enter a town and kill people, but they did not, who is to blame? They blame Buhari and Communications Minister Professor Isa Ali Pantami for the injustice.

Herdsmen were killed in front of their children, their wives were raped, their cattle were chased away. The terrorists must, so even if Buhari is not the president, this problem of the desert must be addressed. It is difficult, of course, as long as we are alive by God, everyone will try to break away from President Buhari’s rule.

He will not leave you to rule the country, so pick the one you think is better than Buhari and give you what you want as most Nigerians behave in a scary manner such as betrayal and dishonesty, lack of jealousy and fraud in good faith.

President Buhari also did his best, we hope he is safe, because we know he is not infallible, he can make mistakes, but his efforts and kindness are more than his mistakes and failures, those who do not see his goodness but his failure go and find him An infallible saint rules over you.

The lives of northerners in the south are in danger, they are being stopped in a car and killed, they are being chased to the market and where they are being killed, they are not guilty of anything, being northerners is the reason for the dumping and their blood in Southern Nigeria If the rulers of the Southern States of Nigeria and the authorities of the Federal Government of Nigeria have forgotten then here is a reminder as follows:

Inyamurai was given special security, an army battalion and the Mopol riot police Squadron were deployed in the Inyamurai area of ​​Borno State in the southern states it is killing northerners, why shouldn’t northerners be given the same protection as Inyamurai in the north-east during the Boko Haram crisis?

Northerners and Southerners in the chapter of justice, life is not better, everyone has the right to life and property in Nigeria So far there has been no message of condolence from the Nigerian government, let alone action, despite the absence of President Muhammadu Buhari, but his deputy, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, is here have killed hundreds of people in the North, Inyamurai’s founders in the South have killed hundreds of Northerners, but the President and Vice President have never come to their senses, except for a Boko Haram teacher in Kano.

His student killed her, so because of the news in the media, the Vice President went to console him for his political views. We call on the Nigerian Government, stand up and protect the lives of Northerners in the South, our people and the right to be allowed to live in the South as Inyamurai live in the North in freedom.

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